Nintendo Network is Back Online, No Sign of Pokemon Bank

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nintendo networkHave you been checking the Nintendo Network status page? I have, and guess what? It’s back! After an outage that started on December 25, 2013, Christmas Day, the drought is over. We can go online, use Miiverse, and explore the eShop again.

Nintendo also broke its silence and actually said what was going on with the Nintendo Network yesterday. (Which was a little late, but still.) It updated its Facebook with exact, detailed information about the problem. Basically, too many people got 3DS and Wii U systems for Christmas, and were flooding the Nintendo Network at once. Meaning no one could get online. That’s combined with the 3DS Nintendo Network IDs Nintendo was apparently already processing.

Here’s a tip though, if you got a 3DS and a eShop gift card for Christmas. You may have to wait to redeem it. I got a gift card, but when I attempted to enter it in the 3DS eShop, it said it was a prepaid card and couldn’t be redeemed there. Turned on my Wii U, and found it redeemed quickly and easily on the it. So there may still be some kinks.

Also, Nintendo has yet to issue an updated release date for the Pokemon Bank. It was delayed to alleviate traffic problems. It isn’t in the 3DS eShop yet, and we have no idea when it will be coming to our systems. Hopefully, we won’t have to wait too much longer. We’ve all got classic Pokemon that need to be imported into Pokemon X and Pokemon Y!

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