Target has Stink Bomb and Spy Rise Skylanders SWAP Force Figures

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target ad december 29 january 4 2013 skylanders swap forceUh oh, it looks like some people may have to put aside their recently earned ire for Target if they want the latest Skylanders SWAP Force figures. Yes, it’s that situation again. Any Skylanders fan knows that Activision rolls out these figures in waves, and often makes deals with stores so one will get select figures before others, to drive business there. A new wave just went out before Christmas, which included the Dune Bug, basic Smolderdash, and Prism Break Skylanders, and it seems the second part of that wave is here, and only at Target.

The Target sale ad for December 29, 2013 through January 4, 2014 clearly shows two new Skylanders SWAP Force figures. They’re Stink Bomb and Spy Rise, two of the kinds where their top and bottom halves can be separated, and swapped with other SWAP Force figures to create different characters. The ad makes a big point of saying the two are only available there first, and doesn’t say when the exclusivity period ends.

The worst part is, both of these Skylanders SWAP Force figures look super cool, so people will probably cave. I know I’ve been wanting Stink Bomb, the ninja skunk. He’s a life Skylander who can temporarily disappear in a cloud of his own stench. Spy Rise looks pretty neat as well, and appears to be some kind of android. He’s a tech Skylander and it looks like he may be able to scale walls.

Well, at least there’s a buy two, get one 50% off deal on Skylanders SWAP Force figures at Target this week. Each of the two new figures is $14.99 each, so you could grab a third SWAP Force Skylander or standard figure for half off. It’s not the best Skylanders SWAP Force figure deal out there, but at least there’s a chance of getting some discount.

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