Gateway 3DS isn’t as Simple as Putting a Flash Card in a 3DS

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gateway 3dsAs long as there have been consoles, there has been piracy. It’s a vicious cycle, and usually it’s pretty easy for people to go ahead and get games for free, even playing them on the official systems. It isn’t that easy with the Gateway 3DS flash card. Unlike other, recent handheld flash cards, like the R4, this one requires users to jump through a number of hoops.

For starters, if your 2DS, 3DS, or 3DS XL firmware isn’t between 4.1 and 4.5, you’re going to have a bad time. The Gateway 3DS is designed with those in mind and the team admits any past 6.2 won’t probably work with the cartridge. So there’s one knock against it.

The other is that the Gateway 3DS involves actually installing software to your 3DS. The manual makes this sound like something that may have to be done a few times, as the directions make it seem as though this step has to be repeated anytime a DS game is played. People will also have to go into a Gateway mode, making sure special data is on the 3DS SD card and booting it up each time.

Finally, there’s a microSD card needed for every 3DS game someone wishes to “use” with the Gateway 3DS. Each card has special preparation required, according to the official user guide, to make it work.

So while there is an “option” for people looking to skirt the law, this time they may find it more trouble than it’s worth. Which should help make Nintendo, developers, and publishers feel more secure since it makes actually purchasing games look more attractive and reasonable. At least, until the Gateway 3DS team updates their card to make it more accommodating.

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  • therealdeal


    You install the software once and just load up into Gateway mode whenever you switch on/off the DS. The next update includes multi rom support. So as many games as your SD card can fit.

    Not bigging up piracy or anything but get your facts right.

    • Jenni Lada

      My apologies. The Gateway 3DS manual wasn’t very clear and made it seem as though the software would have to be installed again if someone used DS mode to play an actual DS game.

  • gateway 3ds gamer

    Gateway 3DS card include 2 cards,one black card and another one is red card.You should download Gateway 3ds 2.3b OMEGA firmware,Un-zip firmware,copy Blue Card ( R4i ) root files into your micro sd card,Format our SD card and put the GW-OMEGA-2.2-RELEASE root files into your SD card and then insert your SD card to SD Slot,Insert your micro sd card into your blue gateway 3ds card and put them together to your console and power on 3DS.This is tutorial ,

  • Jimmy

    gateway 3ds setup wasnt so hard,you just need download latest kernel firmware and laucher file,then run the GW Mode,after finished,you can play 3ds games perfectly.I have had a gateway from for ages,till now run without any problems.Maybe as you knew now gateway 3ds can support v4.5+ system firmware .