Origin and EA Servers Down for the Count Due to DDoS Attack

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ea origin logoGood luck enjoying any EA games you got over the holidays. Origin and a number of EA game servers are down. They’re just gone. A distributed denial of service attack has hit, and the company is currently struggling to recover. Which means everybody’s suffering.

EA hasn’t said anything about the cause of the DDoS attacks, but the DERP Trolling hackers have claimed responsibility on Twitter. As a result, people are unable to access Origin and the Battlefield 4 servers.

For those of us who are gamers who perhaps just wanted to enjoy our favorite past-time, it could mean we’re unable to access or play our games. If you have an EA game already downloaded to your computer or that doesn’t require an internet connection to play, like The Sims 3 or maybe the Mass Effect trilogy, you should be fine. However, people who attempt to play Battlefield 4 or a game like SimCity will probably have a bad time.

EA is aware of the issues with Origin and its games due to the DDoS attack. The company is working on restoring service. In the meantime, it would probably be a good idea to follow EA Support on Twitter for a while. That’s where the company will be issuing the most up-to-date reports and will be the quickest way to learn when everything returns to normal. Hopefully, the issue will be resolved soon so those of us who just want to enjoy our games, can.

Source [Kotaku] Source [Junkie Monkeys]

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  • BackyZoo

    How the hell does such a massive company with the amount of money EA has not have any kind of defense or counter to something like this? Hell, I have my home Wi-Fi protected from ddos attacks but EA can’t keep it’s servers safe?

  • Brian Allen

    Considering all the problems Battlefield has already, this could be the official death knell.