Starbound Could be in the Humble Bundle X (Update 2)

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Something’s up in the world of Chucklefish, and it has something to do with the Humble Bundle. A mystery tweet appeared on the @StarboundGame Twitter feed on January 6, 2014, just before 6pm CST, with a message suggesting people check out the Humble Bundle website. Could we see a Humble Bundle with Starbound soon?

Chucklefish quickly removed the tweet from the Starbound feed, entering a bit of damage control. This message was put up instead, with a picture of kittens, as a means of distracting followers. However, one of the Starbound followers was too quick and had caught a screencap of the mystery tweet, showing the clue that something was up.

This mystery tweet comes just after Chucklefish had announced the sale of over one million copies of Starbound. Which is a huge deal, since the game is still in its earliest public beta phase. Perhaps the team has decided to work with the Humble Bundle to lure even more players in, now that they’ve secured a substantial amount of funding for their project.

And don’t go thinking that Chucklefish was mentioning the Humble Bundle because it’s going to have another one of its games in it. Starbound is all it has.


The Humble Indie Bundle X has just gone live and there’s an error on the main page that all but confirms Starbound is part of this bundle. As you can see in the image below, a Starbound Avian can be seen next to the Surgeon Simulator 2013 icon. I guess it’ll be added to this bundle next week!

Update 2:

It has been confirmed that Starbound was a special bonus for the Humble Indie Bundle X. The first 1,000 buyers who paid $9.99 or more got a copy of it with their bundles.

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