CES 2014: That Nyko PS4 PowerPak is a Godsend

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nyko ps4 powerpak
You guys, you won’t believe this, but Nyko has made the Dualshock 4 even better! It’s fixed the only problem the PS4 controller has by introducing the PS4 PowerPak at CES 2014. It’s like the 3DS and Wii U GamePad PowerPaks, in that you clip it on and immediately extend your battery life. That’s the DualShock 4’s only flaw, and the PS4 PowerPak eliminates it by clipping onto the back of the controller, connecting to the Micro USB port. It’s like a battery backup and it’s just beautiful. And cheap, costing only $20 when it comes out later this year.

What? Did Nyko announce any other gaming peripherals at CES 2014? Well, yeah. Of course they did. But those don’t matter! Our DualShock 4 controllers will finally be able to go the distance!

Okay, fine. We’ll talk about Nyko’s other CES 2014 announcements. I’m telling you though, they won’t top the PS4 PowerPak.

Most of Nyko’s CES 2014 peripheral announcements were for the PS4. It’s getting a $25 Intercooler that will help cool the system for $25, a Charge Base Dock for the charging of DualShock 4s without cords, and a Smart Clip that lets PS4 owners without a Vita use a cell phone for second screen gameplay and attach it to the DualShock 4.

Still the Xbox One got a lot of love as well. It also gets a Smart Clip variation, as does the Xbox 360, and a Charge Base. It also gets a Headset Adaptor that will let people use almost any gaming headset with their system.

Nyko also has some Nyko SHIELD accessories at the show. Like there’s a SHIELD Dock for charging, Travel and Shell Cases for protection, and the Power Kit Plus to ensure you can charge your SHIELD no matter where you are.

See, I told you none of the other Nyko CES 2014 announcements were as awesome as the PS4 PowerPak announcement. Why can’t it be spring already so we can all get one?

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  • Joe handsome

    that big ugly pak is useless, the ds4 charges from stand by and the charge last is the same as the ds3 and thats with the led, touch pad and speaker. I play games all day long on my days off and never had to charge during a play session once its like your smart phone plug it in at night and it last all day. the only reason i can see people running out of charge is that they don’t plug t in at night, then make useless articles about the need for a big ugly battery pak. hey every one let turn the slim back of the ds4 into the xbox 360 controller all because we don’t understand how rechargeable batteries work.

  • nugz

    So.. not so handsome Joe obviously doesn’t know what he speaks of when comparing DS3 battery’s life to the DS4. The DS3 can run up to 30 hrs when DS4 can pull maybe 8hrs 10 tops. Silly kid…Educate yourself before u spew nonsense.

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  • Joey

    No mention by this article about how your fingers will potentially bump into this badly designed battery pack? This thing looks awful. Not to mention $20 is expensive for a simple battery.

    Better to buy a long USB extension cord and charge your PS4 while playing in wired mode.

  • Geeb

    That is hyperbole if I ever saw it. DS3 is more apt to run about 24 hours while the DS4 life is correct (and sometimes less). The fact does remain that there is a glaring difference. I would opt for a longer cord and charging station over a bulging battery pack though as the 360’s pack always gave me cramps.

  • Losyak

    Technically, you’re not supposed to charge your smart phone overnight: it ruins the battery if it’s plugged in after reaching 100%. Regardless, there’s always a certain niche market for these kinds of things, whether you consider them useful or not.