Midnight City’s Giving Console Owners Slender, PC Owners Double Dragon

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slender the arrival
Midnight City is performing the old switcheroo! It worked a little indie game publisher magic and, as a result, Slender: The Arrival is coming to consoles and Double Dragon: Neon is headed to computers. It’s a miracle! Actually, no, it’s just the result of some hard work on the part of the developers and publisher, but still. It’s definitely a good thing. Especially since these new releases of existing games will have new, exclusive content.

Let’s start with Slender: The Arrival, since that’s the game that received the most buzz. It’s a first person, survival horror game involving Slender Man (yes, I had to check if it was one word or two). You try to collect pages and escape him, but he draws nearer and nearer, the more you accomplish. The PS3 and Xbox 360 versions will look better when they’re released in the next few months, and will also be getting two bonus levels that unlock after the game is beaten.

Slender: The Arrival‘s extra content will only be exclusive for a little while though. The PC version will also get the two new levels sometime after the PS3 and Xbox 360 version is released. They’ll be free, so don’t worry about Blue Isle Games making them DLC.

The Double Dragon: Neon update is more exciting, because it has a PC exclusive mode that console owners are going to envy. It’s a side-scrolling, retro-fabulous beat’em up starring Billy and Jimmy Lee. Only, with this version, you can enjoy online cooperative multiplayer. Console versions only had local. So you can play with all of your Steam friends, high-fiving and psyching each other up to make each other stronger. Like Slender: The Arrival, it’ll also be released in the next few months.

Though the online multiplayer option with Double Dragon: Neon is nice, I’m more excited about the Slender: The Arrival port. I want to scare myself on the big screen!

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