GameStop’s Skylanders Day is January 11, 2014

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skylanders day sidekicks stump smash barkleyDo you have plans this Saturday? Now you do. January 11, 2014 is Skylanders Day at GameStop. That means special festivities. And it’s perfect timing as well, because the Stink Bomb and Rubble Rouser Skylanders SWAP Force characters have just been released, as well.

Which means you really need to stop by if you like the game, because it’s a chance to get Skylanders Day freebies and bonuses. The free gift is a Skylanders SWAP Force poster. Only the first 25 visitors to participating GameStop stores get one of those. Given how popular the series is, these could go quickly.

The real prize are the Skylanders Day Sidekicks. These are mini-figures that basically act as adorable accessories in the games. They’re teeny versions of regular characters that run around behind your character in Skylanders SWAP Force. If you spend over $20 on Skylanders products, you get one of the mini Giants Sidekicks. Barkley, Mini-Jini, Eye-Small, and Thumpling are supposed to be available. They’re the diminuative versions of Stump Smash, Ninjini, Eye Brawl, and Thumpback.

The other Skylanders Day promotions are various sales. Accessories will be 50% off and the Skylanders SWAP Force starter packs for all systems will be $59.99 instead of $79.99. You can also trade in portals for an extra $10 off Skylanders SWAP Force starter packs, or trade in other items to get 30% credit so long as you’re trading it in to buy said starter pack.

Basically, it’s a case where if you’re going to go, you better go early. Be at your nearest, participating GameStop when Skylanders Day begins, or else you’ll be left wanting. And with those Sidekicks being that cute, you want to be sure you get at least one to join your figure collection.

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  • Connor Bishop

    Can You Post pictures of the other 3 side kicks Mini jini Eye Small Thumpling

  • JAC Gerdjunis

    In the article you listed Stump Smash but it’s not its Tree Rex
    They are both trees but different.