Get Outfits and Equipment for Pre-Ordering Fable Anniversary

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fable anniversary
The end of an era is approaching. Fable Anniversary could very well prove to be one of the last Xbox 360 exclusive games when it’s released on February 4, 2014. I’m getting misty just thinking about it. Such a momentous event really deserves a bit of fanfare. While there aren’t any amazing surprises surrounding the release of this updated version of the original Fable, there is one expected promotion. People who pre-order will get downloadable bonuses.

Lionhead has announced that there will be three special equipment packs available to people who commit to Fable Anniversary before it’s released. The Apollo’s Pre-Order Pack has Apollo’s Outfit and Crossbow, which kind of makes your avatar look like the dude from Arrow. The Peiratēs Pre-Order Pack gives you a pirate costume and cutlass that are replicas of the ones used by Peiratēs the pirate. (Real original, Lionhead.) The Snowspire Pre-Order Pack gives players an outfit like a bobby’s. Or, a British police office, if you prefer.) It also comes with a fish weapon called The Jackarse. You can’t beat slapping around enemies with a giant fish.

The catch is, you can’t pre-order at one store and get all three Fable Anniversary pre-order incentives. Each store will offer a different option. However, Lionhead doesn’t say who will have what.

The only store that’s confirmed its pre-order pack is Amazon. It’s called dibs on the Apollo Pre-Order Pack. I’m guessing the other two will be assigned to GameStop and Best Buy. The Apollo outfit looks the coolest out of the three, so Amazon may be the way to go. Unless you want to beat people with a fish. Then you have to wait and see who has the Snowspire pack.

Naturally, all three of these packs will eventually be available to buy via Xbox Live Arcade. They’re only timed pre-order exclusives, so if you decide you want to wait before buying Fable Anniversary, maybe even get it used, you can still dress like a fish-wielding pirate.

Source [Lionhead]

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