5 More Cool, Affordable 3D Printer Novelties Inspired by Games

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About this time last year, we here at GamerTell saluted the work of 3D printer artisans by showcasing five of the coolest, most affordable, game-inspired products. In that time, more people have tried their hand at making awesome items, which means there are naturally a lot more neat things you can buy. Shapeways has more 3D printer products than ever from users, which means there’s even more interesting items for gamers to love.

So join me as we look over 5 more really neat items made by 3D printers that you can own right now.

woodbuzz 3d printer arkham city batarang

Batman Arkham City Batarang

Price: $32 at Shapeways
You know you wanted your very own Batarang to throw around after playing Batman Arkham City. For $29, you can. There’s some assembly required, but I think we’re willing to put in some effort to kind-of be like Batman.

3d printer kerbal space program kerbal recruit

Kerbal Space Program Kerbal Recruit

Price: $24.99 at Shapeways
Kerbal Space Program is still an Early Access game on Steam, yet is a critical darling and huge success. People love these little guys, and Squad realizes that because they’re selling official figures of the various Kerbals made by 3D Printers. I’m highlighting the basic Kerbal Recruit here, but there’s a nice assortment of characters available, with the cheapest figure being $14.99. They’re adorable. You know you want one.

mass effect mass relay pendant 3d printer gameofgnomes

Mass Effect Mass Relay Pendant/Keychain

Price: $34.51 at Shapeways
Nothing’s better than a piece of gaming-related awesomeness that you can wear or use proudly, broadcasting your gaming love, while still retaining some anonymity. This Mass Effect Relay Pendant will garner compliments from gamers and non-gamers alike. It’s iconic. I recommend going for the more expensive, stainless steel option for authenticity purposes, though you can get a white plastic one for $10.63.

jenncat 3d printer ps2 controller charm

PS2 Controller Charm

Price: $2.47 for clear, $2.96 for black at Shapeways
Are you looking for an impulse buy? Because this PS2 controller charm is it. It’s perfect for a charm bracelet, cell phone charm, or even a keychain. Show the world what kind of fanboy or girl you are in an instant for under $3. I’d recommend paying the few extra cents for black, but the clear charm is equally cool.

jubble 3d printer zelda hylian shield guitar pick

The Legend of Zelda Hylian Shield Guitar Pick

Price: $5.21 for blue at Shapeways
This is such a cool idea that I can’t believe someone didn’t do it earlier. Link’s shields are the perfect shape for guitar picks, so it only makes sense to have The Legend of Zelda-inspired picks. This one is of the Hylian Shield Link carries in the series, and everyone will recognize it and wonder where you got it. Even if you don’t play, one of these would look great on a cord as a necklace.

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