Next week’s Starbound Patch accompanied by final character wipe

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One of the only bad things about the Starbound Early Access beta is the fact that nothing lasts. During this initial period, we’ve been plagued by character wipes. This means our save files for developed planets, ships, and characters have been torn assunder after most updates. Which means we have to start back from scratch to work our way back to our former glory. Sure, we knew each was coming, but it still hurt.

Fortunately, character wipes won’t be a problem after next week. Chucklefish has come forward to say that next week’s character wipe will be Starbound‘s last. The next patch will set us all back to square one, but will also institute a fix that will save all future save files. You can finally set down roots and make real progress, without worry if it will all be gone in a week.

That isn’t the only change coming with this Starbound patch, though for many it’s the best. A wide array of bug fixes will be implemented. Plus, there will be plenty of new content. Permadeath and Drop-Everything modes will be available, in addition to the standard gameplay mode we’re accustomed to. There will be new hats and equipment, as well as more random encounters on planets. Chucklefish says they may also try to implement more new items and features, if they get the time.

Starbound is clearly shaping up to be one fantastic game, and probably one of the best early access games you can buy into. If you’re up for some spacefaring, you can join in the fun for $14.99.

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