Diablo III is headed to the Xbox One

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Diablo is, of course, one of the most storied and beloved franchises in PC gaming. So it was a surprise to the entire gaming community when Diablo III came to the PS3 last year, marking the first time Blizzard had worked on a console game in nearly two decades. At the time, Blizzard was a bit coy about possible next-gen prospects, saying only that a PS4 version was in the works for sometime this year. But it looks like they’re almost ready to roll out a flashier Diablo III for the Xbox One as well.

As reported by CVG, Canadian retailers listed Diablo III for sale last night, before presumably a flurry of phone calls got the listing taken down and left the rest of us to wonder what was going on.

Blizzard’s absence was largely thanks to the unexpected success of World of Warcraft; the company’s infamously slow development cycles have, in recent years, kicked into higher gear. And it’s attention-getting that a franchise like Diablo III was their entry back into consoles; it was enormously popular on the PC, so they didn’t need the money, and it seemed unlikely Activision would have them spend time on something other than expansions if there wasn’t a larger plan.

This has led most gamers to speculate that other Blizzard products could be heading to consoles, with Diablo III as a test base to get Blizzard back in the console coding game; things have changed substantially since the heyday of the SNES, after all. And MMOs are gaining increasing traction on current and next-gen consoles, adding fuel to the speculation. But, for now, the best lesson we can take away from all this is that there will be at least one more game worth playing on the Xbox One coming up. Seriously, Thief can’t come nearly soon enough.

Source [CVG]

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