RBI Baseball will return in 2014

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RBI-Baseball-14One of the most beloved brands in baseball gaming is coming back. MLB Advanced Media announced it will release RBI Baseball 14 on next gen, current gen consoles, smartphones and tablets. MLB Advanced Media is Major League Baseball’s own interactive entertainment division.

For those scoring at home, this is that group’s second mind blowing announcement in as many weeks. They are providing the technological expertise for the WWE Network. I couldn’t have told you a thing about this company a week ago, and now they are poised to define my 2014.

This is welcome news for those in the Microsoft console family. With 2K Sports abandoning its lackluster baseball efforts, it looked like we weren’t getting a game. There aren’t a lot of details right now. But a pure update of the NES version with new rosters would still find a home on multiple devices in my house. That game was just pure fun. My little sister hates baseball, but she found herself sitting down to hurl 100 mph Nolan Ryan heaters. It was the Tecmo Bowl of baseball games, and I don’t throw that kind of affection around lightly.

The last new installment in the series was RBI Baseball 95 on Sega’s ill-fated 32X. Can RBI still bring them into the stadium after two decades? Nobody will work harder to promote pro baseball’s product than pro baseball itself. There may be initial stumbles, but they’re thinking about the long game. Video games are a huge tool for reaching younger fans. This is an area baseball has been struggling in.

RBI Baseball was always more of an arcade offering than a true simulation. That’s the best thing for attracting a more casual fan. The original’s cartoony style screams mobile game. I’m very excited to see if this veteran can still swing for the fences. Keep your eyes locked on GamerTell as we scout this new version’s fastball.

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