Call Of Cthulhu is coming to drive your consoles insane

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While Dungeons and Dragons has always been the first game non-tabletop fans think of when they think of tabletop RPGs, Call of Cthulhu is arguably one of the more popular tabletop games out there. And soon, console players will discover the joys of your character dying, and then your new one going insane and then dying.

Sorry, we’re contractually obligated to use that joke.

Anyway, bad jokes aside, according to Gameranx the game itself is coming from Frogwares. You might remember them from their Sherlock Holmes series of adventure games, where you and the World’s Greatest Detective Aside From Batman try to puzzle out what’s happening in various sets of crimes.

In fact, the studio specializes almost entirely in adventure games, often centered around public domain characters such as Holmes or Dracula, which makes the licensing of a beloved tabletop system a particularly odd step. For those unfamiliar, Call of Cthulhu is built around a large set of skills, as you build various characters by taking points in everything from Polar Survival to Operating Heavy Machinery. Needless to say, how you do in those skills has a fairly direct bearing in how you get along in your adventure; in some adventures, there’s the distinct possibility you’ll be killed by sabotage before you even get a chance to run into one of the Great Old Ones. There have been games based on the series before but they’ve largely been unremarkable, although The Wasted Land is a clever strategy RPG for mobile.

Provided they’re not just going to try and make another horror adventure game out of it, this could be a fascinating game, and decidedly something different on consoles. Or it could be like the original game, where the rules were in, ah, substantial need of tweaking, let us say. Either way, color us interested: It appears the game will be arriving on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC sometime in 2015. In the meantime, you might want to brush up on your Lovecraft. Or perhaps earn some more sanity points. And feel free to play the original Call of Cthulhu while you wait.

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