The Wolf Among Us continues in February

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the wolf among us 3In October, we gave the first episode of The Wolf Among Us an A in our review. It was a strong opening chapter that mimicked its source material’s presentation very well. It was just the start to a great mystery, one that I can’t wait for the continuation of. That being said, Telltale unveiled the release plans for the second episode. Luckily, the wait for people who enjoyed the first chapter won’t be too much longer.

Kevin Bruner posted up on the Telltale forums about the problems of the delay and to announce the release date. Due to an “unusual set of circumstances” that aren’t anticipated to happen again during development coupled with the holiday season, the second episode was heavily delayed. However, they felt confident enough to unveil the release timeframe of the second episode. It’ll be out in the first week of February.

They don’t expect delays for the rest of the episodes of the season. Then again, there is no indicator on how or whether this initial delay will shift the original projected deadline for the full season being released, which was the end of Summer 2014.

Hopefully, the three and a half month wait will have been worth it. If Telltale’s track record is anything to go off of though, it will be well worth the wait. Expect a review or some analysis on the second episode within days of its release.

Source [Telltale forums]

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