You can’t beat Final Fantasy VI (on Android)

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final fantasy vi ffvi androidFirst, don’t let this awesome Final Fantasy VI screenshot at the right get you too excited. Square Enix didn’t decide to offer an old-school mode in the Android adaptation to restore the sexy, original graphics. I just had to use a screenshot from the original because it’s totally apropos to the latest news concerning the nostalgia-milking port. Ready? Anyone who bought the Android version of Final Fantasy VI at launch picked up a broken, unbeatable game.

Let that scream of fury or peal of laughter out. Points if it’s a Kefka-esque guffaw.

Yes, Final Fantasy VI is a broken game. Anyone who’s picked it up in the last five days, since it launched, will find it impossible to get past an important story event. You can’t even get to the second part of the game. Nope, the furthest you can get is a few good hours. The second you get to a certain plot point, Kefka will kill someone and your game. Think of it as a sympathy death. It would be hilarious, if it weren’t so disappointing.

Right when Kefka kills said character, Final Fantasy VI crashes. There’s no warning. You can’t restart the game, do something different, and get around it. There is no record of anyone not encountering this glitch, as it hits every Android device. It’s over.

The good news, if there is any in this situation, is that Square Enix knows there’s a problem. It has issued a statement saying it is working on an update for Final Fantasy VI that will allow players past this unavoidable situation.

In the meantime, I’m sure all of you who did spend money on Final Fantasy VI are wishing you’d listened to my advice. Never buy a Square Enix Android or iOS game at launch, ever. Wait for the inevitable sale. If you’re paying over $7 for one of their mobile games, you’re paying too much.

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