Let’s kickstart La-Mulana 2

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la-mulana 2
I come to you, denizens of the internet, to alert you of a great task that lies before us. La-Mulana 2 could be a thing. However, NIGORO and Playism Games can only make it happen with our help. $200,000 worth of our help, to be exact. The indies need extra assistance to fund the sequel to one of the best exploration games to come out of Japan, and I saw we go ahead and pony up.

La-Mulana 2, like La-Mulana, is a Metroidvania game. That means it’s a 2D action game where players follow a character into a maze of rooms, finding various power ups, solving puzzles, and attacking monsters so they can stay alive. Precision jumps are also a thing, and you’ll need weights to trigger lots of switches. La-Mulana 2 continues that legacy. Once you get to Eg-Lana, it’s up to you where you go, as Lumisa Kosugi, and when.

Yes, the Kosugi legacy continues, but Lemeza, the hero from the first game, isn’t your avatar in the first. The mysterious Lumisa, who’s either Lemeza’s stepdaughter or his half-sister, is in charge. Xelpud, the Elder from the first game, asked her to enter Eg-Lana, a former penal colony and possible extra entrance to the collapsed La-Mulana ruins. Monsters, treasures, and secrets await.

NIGORO and Playism Games need $200,000 by February 22, 2014 to make La-Mulana 2 happen. Right now, they have over $60,000, so it’s a pretty sure thing. However, there are stretch goals that can add more content and features to the game, so extra money won’t hurt. The smallest amount you can kick in to get the game is $15. If you give more, you get keys that unlock extra outfits for Lumisa.

If you want to buy and play the original La-Mulana to decide if La-Mulana 2 is worth your money, head to Steam. It’s $14.99 right now. Though, if you had been smart and gotten it during the last Steam sale, it would have been much cheaper. I forget how much I paid, but I know it was under $5.

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