Candy Crush Saga creator actually trademarks the term “Candy”

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candy crush saga has trademarked the word “candy.” I wish I could just have that stand alone here, because it says quite a lot about the company, the world, and perhaps even the gaming community in general, but I can’t. The Candy Crush Saga creators sought dibs on a ridiculously common term and, against all odds, the US trademark office actually went ahead and basically said, “Sure! ‘Candy’ is all yours!” I’m being facetious, of course, and the US trademark isn’t finalized. the European trademarking of the world “candy” is, however, so wheels are in motion and soon could have both.

This exercise in ridiculousness began last year on February 6, 2013, when first sought to trademark “candy” in what comes across as an attempt to make Candy Crush Saga the official game of sweet treats. On January 15, 2014, the US government decided that sure, that was okay. So now pretty much owns the use of the word “candy” when it comes to video games, software, mobile device accessories, ring tones, various kinds of clothing, and more. You can see everything the trademark applies to at the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

As a result of the decision, other developers and publishers with the word “candy” in their game could be hunted down by the Candy Crush Saga creators. Already, GameZebo is reporting that All Candy Casino Slots – Jewels Craze Connect: Big Blast Mania Land‘s developer, Benjamin Hsu, received notice from Apple that his game had to be removed from iTunes because it’s stepping on’s toes for using “candy.” is going to be aggressive about keeping its brand safe.

Candy Crush Saga is playable on every platform casual gamers care about. It’s on your PC, as well as Android and iOS devices. It’s free to play, technically. Really though, it will steal away a great deal of your free-time as you attempt to conquer the 800+ levels. I’m kidding. There are actually only 515 at the moment. Still, it’s going to take a substantial investment to play, since most people at least get past level 50. And once you get that far, those paid-power ups can get tempting. Which is how ended up making about $3.5 million per day last year

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  • C.B.

    Well, Zynga meet your clone, I’m not going to invest one penny, nor one second, in either companies games.

  • SharlzG

    They allowed Apple to patent tech that wasn’t their own, or after someone else had clearly already been using it for years, so I’m not at all surprised… Stupid, definitely, but I’m not surprised.

  • Heidi

    The USPTO didn’t actually say anything like “Candy is all yours!” – the European Community Trademark Office, on the other hand, said they could have a registration for it for a wide range of goods and services including video games, software and karaoke, and nobody objected to that application, so it registered.
    However, in the USPTO, anyone can file an opposition to an application after it’s been published – and King’s application to register CANDY hasn’t even been published yet. When it is – likely later this spring – individuals and businesses who object to the registration can file against it at the USPTO, and may be able to limit the list of goods and services, or – depending on others’ prior rights – derail the registration altogether.
    Does anyone know if the makeup company HARD CANDY or the show company CANDIES care about this issue at all?

  • Thomas Taylor

    This is not a done deal. Clicking through on the link YOU PROVIDED, the PTO site says that the status is “Approved by the examining attorney for publication but has not yet published for opposition. Although rare, withdrawal of approval prior to publication may occur after final review. The opposition period begins on the date of publication.”

    While it is appalling that the PTO let this even get this far, and IANAL, especially NAIPL, it’s also helpful to report accurately.

  • Collin Buechler

    Has anyone talked to Milton Bradley yet and told them they need to pull Candy Land because it has been infringing on’s trademark since 1945. I can’t wait for this one to get slapped down during the review process.

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  • http://facebook julie cromwell

    ive just finished level 515 when are they making new levels

  • Santa Cluas

    And YOU are what is wrong with this country, Julie Cromwell.

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