TechnologyTell’s Pac-Avoid is a deliberate Scamperghost clone

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pac-avoid scamperghostIn a continued saga of abuse of copyright and infringement, game developer Stolen Goose has revealed that even before copyrighting the words “candy” and “saga” had been stepping all over others’ copyrights. Stolen Goose initially was in discussions with to have their game, Scamperghost,  hosted on their site, but eventually dropped out due to a better offer from In response, hired another developer explicitly to create Pac-Avoid, a clone of the game, and attempt to release it before Stolen Goose could release Scamperghost.

The developers were only able to get their game out before because a friend, who was close to the company, forewarned them of King’s intentions. In response to the outrage that this caused Stolen Goose eventually received an email form expressing their admiration for Scamperghost, and an explanation that it still needed an avoider game and went with a similar title.

However, not only sponsored a similar game, but contracted another developer to specifically clone the game. When Stolen Goose contacted the developers of Pac-Avoid the developer apologized and also confirmed that had indeed hired them to quickly clone Scamperghost, and wanted them to do so before it could release. They were told that Stolen Goose had signed a contract before finalizing the deal, then backed out and found sponsorship elsewhere. Predictably, there was no such contract signed that allowed such actions.

Along with its continued attacks on games that couldn’t possibly be misconstrued as similar in an attempt to “protect their copyright”, it’s obvious that doesn’t actually respect copyright unless it is working for them. If you want to get the full lowdown on all the details, as well as more comparisons of both Scamperghost and Pac-Avoid, the developer has posted the full details over at their site.

Source [Stolen Goose]

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  • Matt Porter

    King has been caught blatantly lying numerous times throughout this event. I’m glad this story is getting so much coverage, and I hope that this helps move us towards reworking the US trademark laws.