Sounds like we’re getting the Vita Slim or Vita TV

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vita slim
Good news, Sony isn’t giving up on the Vita! No, it looks like it’s going forward and taking a chacne on either the Vita Slim or Vita TV! An invitation has gone out inviting select members of the press to a very special PlayStation breakfast briefing. It teases that the biggest launch is being followed by the slimmest launch. Naturally, the former is talking about the recent release of the PS4, but the latter is undoubtedly talking about a worldwide release of either the Vita Slim or Vita TV.

The Vita Slim is the more likely of the two, so let’s start there. The Vita Slim was released in Japan on October 10, 2014, for less than the price of the original Vita. It took away that sexy OLED screen, and replaced it with a standard LCD model that brings the battery life up an extra hour to 6 hours total. It also added a MicroUSB port to the system, as well as 1GB NAND onboard memory.

As far as the whole “slim” thing, the Vita Slim is slightly smaller than a Vita. The original model is 83.5mm x 182mm x 18.6mm and 260g. The slim is 85.1mm x 183.6mm x 219g. So it’s a tad larger, but lighter and thinner. The Japanese models are also available in six different color variations, with the option to get a black front and pink, black, or grey back, or a white front and a white, seafoam green, or yellow back. Of course, we don’t know if the worldwide models, if they happen, would have the same color options.

While this announcement is most definitely related to the Vita Slim model, a part of me hopes that it could pertain to the Vita TV as well. PlayStation Vita TV is the console that plays Vita games with a DualShock 3 or 4 controller. As for measurements, it’s 65mm x 105 mm x 13.6mm and only 110g. That’s about the size and weight of a deck of cards, so it certainly qualifies as slim. Not to mention, it’d be a cheaper alternative for prospective Vita ownerrs, what with its under $100 price tag. Its only downside is, it isn’t completely compatible with the entire Vita game library, due to the lack of a touch screen or touchpad.

We’ll know for sure what Sony’s bringing us next week. Naturally, we’ll have an update in immediately after the breakfast briefing is complete. Though, if you really want a Vita, I’d say grab the current model. It comes with The Walking Dead, is often on sale, and has that absolutely amazing OLED screen.

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