5 Reasons you should buy a Vita now and not wait for a Vita Slim

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The internet is abuzz with talk about the Vita. It’s all because of Sony’s forthcoming announcement on January 30, 2014, which will almost certainly reveal the Vita Slim. Yet, with all this talk about what’s to come, people are ignoring the fact that the current Vita is just as good. In fact, there are five reasons why you may want to get the Vita that’s out now, instead of waiting for the Vita Slim.

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That OLED.

The Vita’s OLED screen is absolutely incredible. It’s absolutely gorgeous and has provided some of the most beautiful and detailed gaming experiences I have ever had. Muramasa Rebirth actually stunned me with its beauty. While the LCD screen of the Vita-2000 is certainly more energy efficient and will help cut the cost of the system, it just can’t compare.
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Size doesn’t matter:

The current Vita is 83.5mm tall, 182mm long, 18.6mm deep, and weights 260 grams. The Vita Slim is 85.1mm tall, 183.6mm long, 15mm deep, and 219 grams. It isn’t that big of a difference. Both aren’t exactly handhelds you can comfortably shove in your pocket. Even if they were, I wouldn’t recommend it because who wants to risk damaging that screen?
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Prices are right.

Yes, the Vita Slim will carry a cheaper official price due to the LCD screen and other factors. However, you can get the Vita that’s already available for some darn good prices. Amazon had a fantastic bundle that included The Walking Dead, Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, and Retro City Rampage for $174.99 on Black Friday 2013. Granted, you won’t find as good of a deal now, but if you look hard enough, you can probably get a Vita alone for around $175, maybe even less if you don’t mind a used system.
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If you’re PlayStation Plus, you already have a library.

Any smart member of PlayStation Plus claims every free game he or she can, even if they don’t own the system. If you’ve been doing that, you should already have a substantial library of Vita games. Given the number of releases each month, you could even be set for a year. Which makes the idea of buying a system now even more appealing. Plus, you’d have it in time to enjoy the PLAY 2014 promotion.
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Grab them while you can!

Once the 2000 models are out, the 1000 is going to be discontinued. The second one is announced, you’re going to get a panic of other prospective Vita owners who are going to want the original model with that aforementioned amazing screen.

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