Sly Cooper movie might steal hearts in 2016

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sly cooper the movie
Is it Sly Cooper movie time? Apparently, it is so. An official website and Facebook page have opened and the PlayStation Blog is hyping it up. Sly is getting his time in the spotlight and his chance to become a genre-crossing star.

Though, some people may not be totally happy with one major, Sly Cooper movie decision. As you can see from the first trailer, the cel-shaded look of the video games is absent. Instead, it looks like any old CG animated film.

Another potential blow could be lurking in the wings. No one has said if Kevin Miller, the voice of Sly, will return to voice him in the Sly Cooper movie. Knowing how the business works, there’s a good chance a major Hollywood star could be brought in to lend star power.

At least the story sounds legit. The synopsis for Kevin Munroe’s script has been released. Apparently, the Sly Cooper movie is an origin tale, following his beginnings as an orphan who grew up alongside his friends Bentley and Murray. He discovers he’s from a line of legendary thieves just as Clockwerk the owl is chasing down The Thievius Raccoonus, a written record of every member of the Cooper clan’s exploits and secrets. Naturally, Sly and his crew go to reclaim the lost pages.

We’ll know for sure if Munroe, as well as Rainmaker and Blockade Entertainment, can make Sly Cooper’s transition to the big screen work next year. Keep your fingers crossed, and maybe play Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time while you wait.

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