Amazon’s selling a year of Xbox Live Gold for $40

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12 month xbox live gold membershipConsole subscription services have come to be a necessary evil. We know they’re going to happen, and all we can do is hope they’ll be comprehensive, like PlayStation Plus, or often on sale, like Xbox Live Gold. Fortunately, today is one of those days when I can sound the alarm and tell you to stock up on subscriptions, because Xbox Live Gold is on sale again.

Today’s Xbox Live Gold deal comes courtesy of Amazon. Until February 1, 2014, a one year subscription is $20 off. That means you’ll pay $39.99 for a year of access to all of the Xbox 360 and Xbox One online features. The item will be digitally delivered as a code, which you can immediately redeem on your console. You can also buy more than one during this year, and can stack a subscription for up to three years in your Xbox Live account. So buy three now at Amazon, and you’ll be set until 2017.

Remember, if you have a Xbox 360 or Xbox One and want to do anything online, you’re going to need a subscription to Xbox Live Gold. It’s the only way you can do things like watch Netflix, use Skype, or play games online with friends. Sometimes you even get an occasional free game or two, with the Games with Gold program. It can’t compare to the PlayStation Plus Instant Game Library, but it’s something. You’ll also especially need Xbox Live Gold if you eventually intend to play The Elder Scrolls Online. Only PS4 owners can play it online without needing network subscription.

If you’re reading this on Sunday and realize you’ve missed out on this deal, don’t worry. Xbox Live Gold subscriptions go on sale pretty regularly. While they aren’t always $20, you should at least be able to find one for $50.

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