Rust sells a staggering 750,000 copies… of its alpha

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It’s starting to look like the big trend in PC gaming is trying desperately to survive. DayZ, which launched the genre, has already sold a million copies of its alpha, but its big competitor, Rust, is well on the way to tying with it. As in, they’ve already sold far more copies than they expected to move when they had a completed product.

To be fair, Rust has one heck of a pedigree. It’s from Facepunch Games, run by Garry Newman, the developer of the hugely popular Garry’s Mod. But Newman wasn’t expecting the degree of success that what’s arguably his first “full” game has gotten.

The best way to describe Rust is as a cross between DayZ and Minecraft. Unlike DayZ, where you have to forage constantly for everything from ammo to food, Rust requires you to build your resources, whether you’re building a fort to protect yourself, or creating a gun to fend off (or hunt down) animals, zombies, and assorted looters. You need to either find blueprints for more complex items or steal them from other players and analyze them in order to build your own. Needless to say, blueprints are heavily contested items, and other players are prone to wanting to take your items to get the easy way out.

It’s very different, in both style and play, from DayZ, although it was inspired by the instability of the early DayZ mod. And, clearly, they’re doing something right, even though Facepunch itself estimates the game is only 10% done!

It’s good news in that the game has a lot more funding that expected, and thus when it’s finished, which is on track to be more than a year from now, the game is going to look and feel amazing. Of course, nothing’s stopping you from getting onboard now: The game is currently available for $20 on Steam Early Access.

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