Nightcrawler Teleports Into Marvel Heroes

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Nightcrawler Marvel HeroesHis name is Kurt Wagner. But in ze Munich circus, he was known as the Nightcrawler. The fuzzy, elfin-looking mutant is one of the more popular X-Men. His White House fight scene is “X-Men 2″ was pure awesomeness. It was only a matter of time before he arrived in Marvel Heroes.

He starts with two available costumes. The Modern Costume is from the X-Men’s “Manifest Destiny” story era, which saw the team leave New York for San Francisco. His classic look features obnoxiously large shoulder pads. Hey, it was the 80s! We all made some questionable fashion choices.

In addition to his mutant power of teleportation, he is an expert level swordsman and has superhuman agility.

There are several ways to get Nightcrawler on your team. His Hero Pack includes both costumes, a S.T.A.S.H. tab, 1 of each Fortune Card and a Retcon Device. You can purchase him directly from the in-game store for 900 G, or get all the Hero Pack content for 1,800 G. He costs 400 of the game’s alternate currency, Eternity Splinters.

That’s not the only update. Gazillion is celebrating the Lunar New Year with a two-week event. Every time you login from now until Feb. 14 you will receive a red envelope with goodies in it. They could range from Eternity Splinters, to a Lunar Lantern or a Fireworks Launcher artifact. It will grant you and your allies a credit find buff.

Iron Man’s arch nemesis The Mandarin will be a holiday boss, dropping greater loot during the two-week period. The Lunar Lantern and Lunar Dragon may also drop as items while playing the regular game.

Marvel Heroes is a free-to-play MMO created by David Brevik, the mind that brought usAmazon Image and Diablo II. Doctor Doom himself has snatched the Cosmic Cube (better known as the Tesseract in the film universe) and it’s up to our favorite superheroes to stop him. Everybody from Spider-Man to Squirrel Girl has been called to action. It’s a big roster, growing constantly. If your favorite hero isn’t there yet, they’re probably on the way.

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