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ps4For many people, the PS4 is their white whale. The console has been near impossible to find since its November 15, 2013 release. You can’t find it online. The only chance to find one in an actual retail store is to prepare some elaborate stalking procedure, or maybe even bribe an employee. It’s been a struggle, but it’s one that’s temporarily over. If you’re okay with having one sent through the mail, Amazon has a PS4 waiting for you.

The PS4 is $399.99 through Amazon. Depending on where you live, there’s no tax on it and there’s free standard shipping. You get the console, a controller, a headset, and one month of PlayStation Plus.

It’s a good time to consider getting a PS4. Rayman Legends and Thief are out this month. Plus, Outlast is this month’s PlayStation Plus game, and if you buy one immediately you can still get the free copy of Don’t Starve too. Not to mention, Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes and inFamous: Second Son will make our March.

Think of it this way. Winter still isn’t over yet, and you’re going to be trapped inside due to the horrible weather for at least another month. You’re not going to be going out as much. So the money you would have spent on gas, movies, and outside activities can be put towards this $400 PS4 instead. There you go. You made your month!

By the way, the PS4 would make an absolutely perfect Valentine’s Day gift. You know, if you’re okay with spending a lot of money on the one you love. You could make his or her year if a new console is the surprise gift. Plus, it’d be a win for you as well, because everyone shares in the joy of a new console!

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