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attack on titanHey there, hi there, ho there, howdy! Do you have plans this cold and snowy weekend? If you have Netflix, then you do, because you’ll be watching Attack on Titan. Yes, the anime and manga that has caught fire and become a fan sensation worldwide is now available on Netflix Instant. You’re welcome.

Attack on Titan is the wildly popular series set in a dystopian world where the last remains of humanity live in a walled city. Why is it walled? Because monstrous Titans lurk outside, just waiting to get in and nosh on delicious humans. Naturally, the walls don’t exactly hold up like they’re supposed to. Which results in a life changing event that sends Eren Yeager, his “sister” Mikasa, and his friend Armin into army life to fight the Titans. More than that, the three join the exceedingly dangerous Survey Corps, the only group that actually dares venture outside the city walls in an attempt to take back the world.

And now the first 25 episodes from the first season of Attack on Titan is available to watch immediately in your home, thanks to Netflix. There’s no English dub, just subtitles and the original Japanese voice acting. (Which I’m sure many purists would prefer.)

So why talk about it here on GamerTell. First, Attack on Titan is a great series. Second, it’s inspired a pretty awesome 3DS game in Japan, by Spike Chunsoft no less, and hopefully it’ll get a localization. Third, every console has a Netflix app. And finally, I’m just plain excited about it and wanted to share. If you’ve got Netflix Instant and 25 minutes to spare, then go watch the first episode. Just be forewarned, once you start, you probably won’t stop. Put aside a few hours and prepare for an anime marathon.

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