Classroom Aquatic is the Kickstarter to support this week

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classroom aquatic
Truly, this is the decade of Kickstarter. More and more games are finding their start on the crowdfunding site, and it gets difficult to decide who does and doesn’t deserve your money. This week, I’d like to argue that Classroom Aquatic should get some funding. Classroom Aquatic is a unique gaming experience, one that will support the intriguing Oculus Rift, and is a game that will definitely get made if people kick in the cash.

After all, how often do you get the chance to cheat on dolphins? That’s the premise of Classroom Aquatic. Players are a foreign exchange student in a dolphin community. They’re attending school with underwater friends, but there’s one problem. We aren’t paying attention. The dolphins are smarter than us. Our only chance to salvage our reputation is to cheat off of our fellow students to get a passing grade on the exam. (What a moral dilemna.) The key is to find the answers without being caught, so it’s a stealth, cheating, action, adventure game. Such ingenuity should be reason enough to support this Kickstarter.

Yet, it’s only one of many reasons. The other is that Classroom Aquatic will be an Oculus Rift game. You won’t have to have the peripheral to enjoy it, as there will be Windows, Mac, and Linux copies that will work with a standard monitor and keyboard controls, but it’s heartening to see such a unique game offering an immersive experience to those who have the right tech. If you’re ever considering buying an Oculus Rift, you may want to help Sunken Places make Classroom Aquatic.

If you’re still on the fence, then give it a try. Yes, Classroom Aquatic has a playable build available. If you stop by the official website, you can dowload a free, playable alpha. Windows, Mac, and Linux versions are available, as well as versions that do and don’t support Oculus Rift. They aren’t perfect representations of all Classroom Aquatic can be, but do offer a glimpse of what Sunken Places hopes to accomplish. Of course there will be bugs and glitches, since it is one of the earliest playable builds, but anyone who tries it has to admit there’s potential.

Besides, it isn’t like Sunken Places is asking a lot of its supporters. The developer is asking for $30,000 to finish the game. $15 gets you a completed download of Classroom Aquatic. Considering how much some people ask for, $30,000 is very realistic. Especially since the developer already has made substantial progress on the game and would hope to deliver a finished product to all supporters by December 2014.

Classroom Aquatic has a lot of potential, but it will only realize it if people who are interested step up to help. The Kickstarter ends on March 5, 2014. If you’ve ever wanted to show those smart aleck dolphins who’s boss, here’s your chance. Help make Classroom Aquatic. Don’t let the dolphins win.

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