It’s PokeBank time! Start your free trial and get your Celebi

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After numerous delays, the momentous day is finally here. It’s PokeBank time! That is, the Pokemon Bank application has finally launched in North America, marking it as the last major region to get Nintendo’s cloud-based Pokemon storage service. We’ve waited, and it’s availability tastes so, so sweet.

This also means its time to grab the PokeBank and get everything due you. That means finally getting access to the free one month trial, so you can harvest your Pokemon from Pokemon Black, White, Black Version 2, and White Version 2. And, by extension, from any other DS or GBA games by tapping into older games, then trading them into the DS games that are compatible with the PokeBank. The Pokemon can then be shuffled into Pokemon X and Y, so you’ll have access to every single one of your pretties.

Of course, this isn’t just about immediate access to all of your Pokemon. It’s also about getting a free Celebi to use in Pokemon X and Y. Here’s how you grab it. First, you download the PokeBank. After it installs, make sure your Pokemon X or Y cartridge is in your 3DS. (If you downloaded it, don’t worry.) From there, log into PokeBank and “purchase” your 30 day free trial. You won’t be charged for it, so don’t worry.

After that, you Use Pokemon Bank and select your copy of Pokemon X or Y from the list. You’ll get Poke Miles or Battle Points for starting. Put one of your Pokemon, preferably a junk one like Bunnelby, into the cloud. From there, you start Pokemon X or Y and choose the Pokemon Link option in the main menu to get the first free gift from the PokeBank. (The miles/points.) Then, you go back into the Pokemon Bank application. Your Celebi will be given to you. To get it into your game, start your Pokemon 3DS game and choose Pokemon Link once more to have Celebi automatically deposited into one of your storage boxes.

Now, a word of caution. If you intend to only use the PokeBank to get Celebi and transfer old Pokemon to Pokemon X and Y, act quickly. Do your transferring and get it done. You don’t want to get caught subscribing, though it is only $4.99 per year, and you don’t want any of your Pokemon to get lost in the cloud once the free trial ends.

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    you can pull pokemon out of pokebanlk after your free trial ends