PokeBank allows some Action Replay-ed Pokemon

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Sometimes, people cheat. It’s a fact in both games and life. Fortunately, or unfortunately for some, the PokeBank doesn’t catch all cheaters. The Pokemon Bank will catch the most aggregious of offenders, but lets certain altered pokemon pass right through the gate.

I will admit right here and now – I am a Pokemon cheater. I used Action Replay with Pokemon Black to get some shiny Pokemon. I also used it to trigger battles with special event legendaries I normally wouldn’t be able to catch. Now that the PokeBank is North America, I was curious to see what would and wouldn’t get through the filter.

The good news is, if you used an Action Replay code to make shiny Pokemon appear in the wild in Pokemon Black, White, Black Version 2, or White Version 2, then they’ll transfer over. You can even use a code to make all Pokemon appear randomly in any area of the game and be shiny, and they’ll go through the Pokemon Transporter and Pokemon Bank just fine.

However, there are two kinds of Pokemon that won’t go through. The first is a Pokemon that is in an evolved form before it could ever have evolved. The PokeBank will catch that right away. The Pokemon Bank will also catch fraudulent legendaries. If it’s one that wasn’t acquired legitimately, it won’t make it through the filter. (I had to say a tearful goodbye to my adorable Meloetta. You’ll always be legitimate to me!)

Fortunately, nothing really bad will happen if you try to transfer over a Box 1 from Pokemon Black, White, Black Version 2, or White Version 2 that has an offending Pokemon in it. The PokeBank will just show a message saying that at least one Pokemon in the box can’t be sent because there is a problem with it. The other Pokemon will be uploaded to the Pokemon Bank. The offending Pokemon won’t go anywhere. They’ll remain in your DS game.

So there you go. Feel free to transfer over your Action Replay-ed shinies to Pokemon X and Y without fear!

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  • Lee V

    Thanks so much for posting this! I was ecstatic to see Pokemon Bank finally available but was so worried to transfer anything thinking I could get banned or something. I don’t even remember which Pokemon were hacked at this point so now I can transfer them with a clean conscience.

  • Alexis Sanchez

    I have a Victini from movie 14 and made it shiny and I can’t transfer it to the Bank Why ?

    • Jenni Lada

      Because you made it shiny. PokeBank is more stringent when it comes to legendaries.

  • Adam Pena

    Also, if you have made Pokemon using a Pokemon Creator app on any mobile device, some can make it through if it seems legit enough (No shinies with pokerus lvl 100 and maxed out IV’s/EV’s). They can still be shiny and have pokerus, just don’t make them out of the ordinary, so just make it seem as legit as possible.

  • Tyrell

    Hey so say I were to try and transfer my deoxys that was caught using action replay in diamond then transferred over to black, would I still be able to transfer and use it?

  • Jeff

    You can make legendaries go through even shiny generated ones you must change your encounter with it to fateful threw pokeedit or pokecheck you can’t trade it but who cares if you have it

  • Alex

    Not everyone who uses Action Replay is a hardcore cheater. Back then, I lived many, many miles away from the nearest Gamestop. I could never attend any of the events, and I didn’t feel like being left out. It’s a shame Nintendo is cracking down on this now. Do they even realize how difficult it is to get Pokemon like Meloetta and Celebi if you don’t live remotely near and distributors?

  • Kitty Kay

    I was able to transfer my level 100 shiny mewtwo and my strange level 4 shiny ho-oh but I wasn’t able to transfer my normal mewtwo or my shiny mew or my normal mew. Sometimes it’s completely stupid.

  • TheSkyclanCat

    So this is why i couldn’t transfer my shaymin….. I’m going to flip something right now…

  • Adler

    Would trading these pack Pokémon to a friend and then having them trade them back would that get rid of any traces of being hacked?

  • Ingi

    The problem is that hacked pokermon transfer over, but legit ones do not. Which sort of suck. My legit legendaries from black is refusing to come over, while a lot of shiny, hacked legendaries are fine.

  • Seth

    I used Pokegen to make some of my event legendary along with crate the perfect breeding pokemon then I use Pokecheck if everything is green across the board and if EV/IV are orange it pass as legit to Pokemon Bank. Then I would use to get them into my game.

    Note everything I crated passed the legit check even my event legendary I found via a few sites like I got the data file from their event data base then I would edit it on Pokegen then have it figure out a PID if that did not work well I would use the Pokecheck to get that pokemon of the IV I wanted so long as it was all green across the board.

    Here are some samples of my work
    This is my fave my edited Charizard from pokemon Firered
    the two orange on IV/EV are really nothing it count as legit so long as the rest of the stuff is green under Nintendo eyes.

    I had only one issue with a Pokemon I could not transfer it was my Shiny Gamestop 100% legibly gained Raikou from the event so you can bet I was pissed by it, I leveled it to level 100 in B/W wonder if thats what made it count as hack or maybe the bytes got altered maybe I should upload it to Pokecheck and then try and fix that.

  • jayjay

    i dont understand how i sent a max iv and ev’ed out therian form thundurus and Darkrai.. my shaymin my ultimately haxed victini and some others but i cant even send over a normal zapdos i just cant even calculate the stupidity!

    i need to know the flaw in detail does anyone know a website

  • Some1

    I hav some problems transferring some hacked pokes so if some is willing to help it will be apreciated i had a DS and then a 3DS,i had r4 and the original cartridge of pokemon black 2 so i happened to hack from r4 and then traded ALL my hacked pokemon to the original cartridge they can go through GTS and poke-bank to my also original pokemon Y but here the catch NONE of legendaries passed except tornadus and thundurus.My also hacked pokemons non-legendary passed but i got them all by the very same way(master ball ID code). idk how to make clones or use pokegen,pokedit and i dont wanna know how(i already spent too much time trying to learn cheat code editor) is there any way to hack through my r4 and pass them?BTW i think the only problem is the location i got the legends they are marked as cacthed in route 2 so im guessing the only problem is the location can some1 also confirm this for me because of thats problem then ill re-get my legends in dragons tower or something

  • http://Madden25 Zachary

    I had the same problem I have a hacked palkia form Pokemon diamond and a hacked mewtwo,darkrai,mew from action replay that I used on diamond I transferred them to white but won’t them on my Pokemon y please help

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  • Brandon

    I for one would also agree with Alex as not everyone can manage to go to these poke meetings as they would seem to be to attain celebi and others as such. I frankly think that Nintendo are becoming quite pricks. As I would not agree with using game sharks and action replays. . . when it comes down to it things like Jirachi only being attainable by preordering their game is seriously assanine.

  • christian

    Yes they do but when they do these events you must realize the the pokemon company is in japan and they’re opening there servers and allowing game stops to connect this costs them hugh amounts of money and the longer they keep it open the more money there losing so in other words its their way of giving back to us most people don’t realize this its basically like your phone if you don’t pay the bill they disconnect it so your phone isn’t slowing down the service for others

  • Abby

    Actually, I used the shiny modifier code to make wild pokemon shiny on Black, and they wouldn’t go through Poke Transporter :( . But a shiny Deoxys went through, sometimes poke transporter is stupid.


    Hi! This thread is old probably no one will answer, but having clear about the code that makes all Pkm shiny go through pokebank…does it allow if I modified the Ivs with the marking code go through too? Hopefully some answer this 😐

    • Heidi knight

      As long as they are legit (ie: 31 ivs, and 2 252 ev stats) but if you have every stats at 252 then no it shouldn’t in theroy but tell me if it works

  • Zolo

    No. As long as the system detects it’s not legit, it won’t allow the pokémon to pass, most likely including your Deoxys

  • dezera

    ik your pain. ik your pain. my cool legit shiny zekrom from black refuses to transfer


    Well just to let you guys know…I did a lot of trading myself from one game to another …and found out that… YES it is possible to transfer Pokemon through Pokebank ,with the AR code “all wild shiny pkmn”
    I transfer “shiny” pkmn from an r4 soul silver,to a original Diamond cartridge ,then transfer them to a original Black version cartridge,and finally poketransporter and Pokebank em” to an X Pkmn version …all very time consuming …but finally could have me to where I wanted at the end …Omega Ruby 😀

  • Atrocalypse

    So the Pokemon can only go through if they’re shiny?