PSA: PS3 firmware 4.55 is here

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PS3Good afternoon everyone, and welcome to a friendly alert. If you have a PS3 and intend to browse the PlayStation Store, go online, or maybe even enjoy some quality Netflix viewing, you’re going to have to update the PS3 firmware. PS3 firmware 4.55 slipped out without warning, and it is mandatory.

So what, you probably wonder, is in this update for you. Well, to start, you’ll actually be able to log into the PlayStation Network again. That’s a pretty big one. Aside from that though, not much. This isn’t a particularly eventful PS3 firmware update. There are no new features that will revolutionize your system.

PS3 firmware 4.55 is just about fixing miscellaneous little bugs and quirks, to optimize your overall gaming experience. It’s important, but nothing major. It also shouldn’t take too long to download and install.

Such is life for PS3 owners, now that the PS4 is out. Gone are the days when PS3 firmware notifications will make us hope for something unexpected. It’s all about the PS4 and its prospective features now.

Yet, don’t lose hope. Maybe, just maybe, when PlayStation Now rolls out for all, there’ll be a firmware to accompany it and help welcome the service into our lives.

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  • El D-no

    To be honest, apart from the bug fixing, did we not lose more features? I mean things like SACD support and such.