The Last Of Us shanked the competition at the 2014 DICE Awards

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The Last of Us is undeniably an achievement in gaming; sure, it plays well a few annoyances aside, but it’s a subtly acted, quietly grim, beautifully scored story as well. And it really cleaned house for Naughty Dog at the DICE Awards, bringing in ten out of twenty-four awards.

Yep, The Last Of Us brought in all the awards candy. Statues it bagged include:

  • “Adventure Game of the Year”
  • “Outstanding Achievement in Game Direction”
  • “Outstanding Achievement in Animation”
  • “Outstanding Innovation in Gaming”
  • “Outstanding Character Performance”
  • “Outstanding Achievement in Story”
  • “Outstanding Achievement in Sound Design”
  • “Outstanding Achievement in Art Direction”
  • “Outstanding Achievement in Visual Engineering”

Oh, yeah, it also got “Game of the Year”. Essentially, The Last Of Us dominated in the categories it could be nominated in, as the DICE Awards offer awards in specific categories like racing. It was nominated in twelve categories and took home ten out of twelve.

Like any awards show, though, there was an injustice of sorts: Gustavo Santaolalla’s beautiful, sparse score wasn’t nominated at all, although it must be said that BioShock: Infinite deserved the win that it got in that category. But come on, no nomination for this?

Yes, that’s the music from the scene that really kicks off the last chapter of the game. You know the one. The one that made you say you’d been chopping onions in the kitchen and were still getting over it? That one.

Then again, likely the committee knew that the game was going to make like a bulldozer and grab most of the awards, so they wanted to cut a few other developers a break. Of course, for Naughty Dog, the question now becomes “what next?” Whatever it is, they’ve got some big shoes to fill, and they should have a good shot at winning even more statues.

Source [Kotaku]

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