Flappy Bird update makes everything prettier

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flappy birdChances are you’ve heard something about Flappy Bird within the past couple weeks. This game has absolutely exploded in popularity based on word of mouth alone. Flappy Bird was clearly compelling enough to get tons of downloads in its original form, but its new-found stardom has prompted the developer to release an update for the iOS version that makes everything look and feel a little better.

After you download the update, you’ll immediately notice how much smoother the frame rate is. I would argue to increased framerate makes things a little bit easier, but the overall game is still challenging in its own right. The visuals have also gotten a little bit of polish as well.

Some other things you may notice is a day/night cycle, new birds and less intrusive banner ads. The ads now disappear when you’re tapping the screen as opposed to staying present the entire time.

The changes in the game are instantly noticeable the first time you play. It may even be enough to keep Flappy Bird on your device for a little while longer.


Download Link [iTunes]

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