WizKids to make official Dungeons and Dragons figures

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5_minis_horizontilWizkids Games, makers of games like Mage Knight and Star Trek Attack Wing have just announced a new line of official Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) miniatures. And there was much rejoicing.

Wizards of the Coast (WotC), owners of the D&D license, used to make D&D miniatures in their Dungeons and Dragons Miniatures (DDM) game, long out of print. You just can’t get those anymore, although WotC still sells a few painted figures here and there, in their board games–I have quite a few of them, but I just can’t risk “ruining” a board game by borrowing a figure to use when I play D&D (or Pathfinder, which uses rules very similar to 3.5 D&D). While most collectible games figures drop in value when they are no longer supported, DDM figures are still worth something, because they’re good for most any table top role playing game.

They’re good…but not great. WizKids is a little hit and miss with their rules, but no matter the game, their miniatures are always the coolest, whether it’s Star Trek, Mechwarrior, or Mage Knight. While Mage Knight was certainly a fantasy game, the scale was just a little off to use for other games, especially the “clicky bases” which are the (patented) hallmark of WizKids Games. While many gamers just hacked off the base to put the cool WizKids figures on a base suitable for D&D, I never have the heart to damage my figures that way. So I’ll be first in line to grab at least a few when the figures come out.

I’m a big fan of making my dungeons as cool as possible, by the way, here’s a pic of one of my more recent ones (using Dwarven Forge tiles, DDM miniatures, Alea Tools, and some WizKids dungeon dressing):


The figures are slated to come out this summer, coinciding with the launch of the greatly anticipated Next edition of Dungeons and Dragons, to support the Tyranny of Dragons line of adventures. D&D has languished of late, so I imagine the new rules and new figures will be the best bet WoTC has of jumpstarting the D&D to the top of the role playing game sales charts again.

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