Should you buy The LEGO Movie Videogame or LEGO Marvel Super Heroes?

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I purchased The LEGO Movie Videogame the day it came out. I’m a bit of a LEGO nut and have been rarely disappointed with LEGO games in the past, so I figured this was a safe bet. As I streamed the game, the question I got asked the most was whether someone should buy this or LEGO Marvel Super Heroes. I’m going to answer that question here just in case anyone else is wondering the same thing.

The LEGO Movie game contains events that are taken straight out of the movie. It doesn’t take place before or after the film like some of these adaptations tend to do. Instead, you play through sections that take place in between scenes in the movie. For example, one of the first scenes in the movie shows Emmett waking up and getting ready for work. The next thing you know, Emmett is at his job doing what he does best. In the game, you actually take Emmett to work and engage in some activities that aren’t in the movie.

This is how the majority of levels in The LEGO Movie game play out. You see a clip from the movie and play through the in-between bits that lead to the next clip from the movie. Although the levels are fun and are definitely up to the standard of past LEGO games, you won’t experience plot lines that aren’t in the movie. Playing the game will spoil the movie if you haven’t seen it and vice versa. That’s how tightly woven they are to each other.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes is more original since it’s not based on any one thing. It also has the advantage of letting your play as a lot of iconic superheroes you probably grew up with. I found this game to have more variety as well thanks to the open sandbox that doubles as the hub world. You can take on side missions from citizens if you don’t want to progress the story. The LEGO Movie game doesn’t offer that. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes is also longer. I managed to complete The LEGO Movie game in a couple days. I didn’t collect anything, but the story has been completed.

All in all, both games are worth your money. But if you could only get one of these games, I’d suggest LEGO Marvel Super Heroes. I recommend that one because I’m assuming you are going to see The LEGO Movie in theaters if you’re buying the game. Seeing the movie takes the surprise out of the game and exposes many of the jokes. On the flip side, playing the game will spoil the movie. I still really enjoyed my time with it, and really think you should try it out.

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  • Annoymus

    thanks im 8 and my mom said I can get only one game and do like comics so i was thinking about marvel too blog vistors marvel superheroes is recommended