[Update] Sign up for the Titanfall beta right now

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Respawn Entertainment and EA are now accepting registrations from those that are interested in playing the beta for Titanfall. There’s no start date for the beta, but everyone can be assured they’ll know if they’ve been accepted or not by midnight on February 17. That’s pretty close, so I’d keep a lookout on my inbox and spam folder every day this week and into the next.

The beta is for the Xbox One and PC versions of Titanfall. You won’t need an Origin account for the Xbox One version, but it is required for PC.

There aren’t many details about what the beta will entail. We don’t know what modes will be available, which Titans can be selected or how long the beta will last. It shouldn’t be too long though because the full game will be out on March 11.

Update: According to the beta trailer’s description, the beta will begin on February 14. Two maps will come included along with three Titanfall modes.

Source [Titanfall Website]

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