A game hoarding Target clerk may have saved me from its credit card breach

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target logoI missed out on Target’s credit card breach in the most improbable of ways. During the launch of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, Target had a Buy Two, Get One Free deal on PS4 games. The numerous game postponements left me without two titles I wanted at launch.

Along with thousands of other savvy shoppers, I waited to see if they would offer the same deal for Xbox One. They wouldn’t during Xbox One launch week, but said if they got Xbox One titles in early they would sell them. A few games were street dated before the actual console launch.

Well, that began a bunch of poking around local Target stores to see if any early Xbox One games were available. After some digging, I found a copy of Amazon Image stowed away in a shopping cart. That was the one launch game I knew I wanted. Before I could figure out what game to pair it with, the electronics clerk explained he couldn’t sell me that one.

Now, I knew several of my message board friends had been able to purchase DR3 that same day.  My pleas fell on deaf ears though. No selling of that game until the following week, when there was no BOGO. The heck with you Target, I’ll buy it from GameStop.

It wasn’t until a couple of weeks later that I heard about the massive credit card breach at Target. That’s exactly how I would have paid, and might have ended up with those same problems. I don’t know why that clerk didn’t sell me Dead Rising 3, but boy am I glad he didn’t.

The good news here is that the US is finally ready to abandon our current credit card technology in favor of “smart” credit cards. They contain a chip that stores and transmits encrypted data and also have a unique identifier. They are much, much safer. After all, relying on your clerk not to sell you something during a mass credit card breach is not reliable protection.

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