Oh Japan – New LovePlus+ adds mild groping, stolen kisses

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new loveplus+ 3ds
We already know that Konami tends to go a little crazy when it comes to the LovePlus series. I mean, the sequels are Love Plus+, New LovePlus, and now New LovePlus+, and each extra installment doesn’t actually add new love interests or really change the basic game formula. Each iteration is largely the same, though the “new” or “+” monikers tend to insinuate some new, strange feature has been added.

With New LovePlus+‘s March 27, 2014 release just around the corner, it seems only fitting that its “clincher” feature be revealed. So here it is. If you’re on a date and doing a good enough job of romancing Manaka Takane, Nene Anegasaki, or Rink Kobayakawa, you can sneak a squeeze or steal a kiss. Yes, when you go on dates and happen to be romantic enough, the girls will let you touch them or kiss them, via tapping on the touch screen of course. A little weird? Yes, but that’s the way LovePlus goes.

In case you were wondering if the other new features were just as weird, they’re not. There are new date spots, based upon real world locations. Also, there’s an illustration mode, which allows players to revisit old pictures from events experienced with their virtual girlfriend.

And yes, I am still dying a little inside because Konami hasn’t announced a “Girl’s Side” LovePlus. Because all of this devotion to digital girls wouldn’t be at all creepy if women had a version with virtual men.

If you want New LovePlus+, prepare to import. And make sure you have a Japanese 3DS too. You won’t get very far without one, thanks to region-lock.

Source [Siliconera]

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