Sons Of Anarchy is finally getting a video game

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If there’s a TV show that lends itself to video games, it’s Sons of Anarchy . The idea of a game that’s essentially Road Rash meets Streets of Rage is a game that practically designs itself. And it looks like we’ll be getting a crack at it sooner rather than later.

According to none other than the show’s creator, a Sons of Anarchy game is finally in the works. It’ll be a first-person action adventure game, which makes sense, but that’s pretty much all we know; the developer and the publisher are both under wraps. We also don’t know on which platform the game will appear.

Sutter has been vocal and campaigning to get a game made from his show for a while, but to his credit he’s also vividly aware of the problems surrounding licensed games. After all, you’d think that Game Of Thrones would be a simple license to adapt, but unfortunately, so far the franchise has seen little more than bad reviews and low sales when it comes to its video games, and it had Atlus in its corner. And that’s for a video game where you hit people with swords. Really, that should not be hard for the video game industry to screw up.

That said, a lot can go off the rails between the announcement of a video game and the arrival of that game on the shelves. Look no further than Aliens: Colonial Marines, which again is really the kind of game a company like Gearbox should be able to deliver in their sleep. And yet that went wrong too. Still, Sutter being involved likely means he’ll be able to keep it on track, and it helps that he’ll likely also be taking on the writing chores.

So, if nothing else, the game will have a great script. And increasingly, that’s half the battle right there, so hey, already the prospects for this game are looking up.

Source [Kurt Sutter on Twitter]

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  • James

    Please do not make it first person… Not for SoA ! Make it 3rd it would be alot better