Xbox Live update for the week of February 12, 2014

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xbox_live_weekly_update_image131After thousands of players have kicked the tires in the beta, World of Tanks is now live on the Xbox 360. Wargaming’s PC hit has made the jump to consoles. This shows that in spite of the Xbox One’s arrival, there is still plenty of life left in the 360. The game’s structure hasn’t punished those who don’t want to pay for playing, and that’s not something that will change on the Xbox 360.

You do need an Xbox Live Gold subscription to play, so in that sense it is not completely free. Microsoft wanted to keep that requirement, and Wargaming didn’t fight them on it. If you already have a Gold account, the military MMO is free. Jump on in, the combat is fine.

Far Cry Classic takes us back to the very first installment of this popular series. Charter boat captain Jack Carver is being hunted mercilessly by a group of trained mercenaries. He’ll fight against them and nature itself to stay alive. Experience intelligent opponents, day/night cycles and nature itself in this updated version for $9.99.

Xbox One’s party experience hasn’t left players in a party atmosphere. Microsoft has been working diligently on the problem, and will roll out a big update soon. Party chat will be turned on by default as soon as you party up. You will be able to get your friends list faster by clicking on the social tile in Home, or speaking with your Kinect. Saying “Xbox, go to friends” will take you right there.

Have you applied for the Amazon Image beta? Early indications are that this shooter will be a game changer. The game doesn’t arrive until March 11, but the beta begins Feb. 14. Happy Valentine’s Day, now blow that giant robot’s head off would you hon?

titanfallRemember that Dead Island is still free to download through Feb. 15. After that, the free Games with Gold entry will be Toy Soldiers: Cold War. You can’t go wrong with free.

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