Collect’em all for a Disney Infinity Lightsaber

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disney infinity lightsaber
The Force can be with you in Disney Infinity, but it’s going to cost you. The news has just come in that a very special Easter Egg reward awaits people who buy every single figure for the game. A digital Disney Infinity lightsaber awaits you. But, considering how much a complete collection would cost you, a real lightsaber may be cheaper.

The Disney Infinity lightsaber reveal comes from Disney Infinity Fans. Thanks to a giveaway, the last two figures for the game were acquired. After adding Phineas and Agent P, from Phineas and Ferb, to the game, the NFC figure collection was completed and the Lightsaber was made available in the Hall of Heroes.

Any character can wield said Disney Infinity lightsaber once it’s unlocked. This three minute video from Disney Infinity Fans shows the item’s acquisition. Fast forward to the 2:13 minute mark to see the lightsaber in action.

In case you’re wondering how much this would cost, let’s do some math. You can usually get a Disney Infinity Starter Pack for around $59.99. There are 29 figures total, and there are available in $12.99 single figure packs, $29.99 figure packs, and $34.99 play set packs. From my estimates, it would cost at least $300 to get a complete set and earn the Disney Infinity lightsaber.

To compare, you can get a three pack of lightsaber toys on Amazon for $12.99.

Or, you could just be patient and wait. Star Wars Infinity is supposedly en route. Give it a year, and you’ll have a Disney game where you can officially wield lightsabers without all the trouble of spending a small fortune on NFC figures. It’s up to you.
Source [Disney Infinity Fans]

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