10 Characters that Belong in the next Super Smash Bros.

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The Super Smash Bros. character roster keeps expanding as more fighters keep joining the cast. Most recently, Little Mac from Punch Out and Diddy Kong from Donkey Kong were confirmed. While that’s awesome, and really great stuff, there are still so many fantastic characters that would be perfect fighters. In fact, they may even fit in better than ones that have already been announced. So, let’s dream together, as GamerTell goes through 10 more characters that should be part of Super Smash Bros. .

advance wars andy super smash bros

Andy from Advance Wars

Hey, remember the Advance Wars series? I’ll forgive you if you don’t. It has been six years since Advance Wars: Days of Ruin. Which is why Super Smash Bros. should bring back Andy, the mechanic Commanding Officer from the original Advance Wars. He could switch up between melee attacks with a giant wrench, and distance attacks by sending out tiny soldiers, tanks and planes.

chibi robo super smash bros

Chibi-Robo from Chibi-Robo

Nothing would be cuter than having Chibi-Robo run around, cleaning up the battlefield. He could have his little toothbrush, mug, squirter, and blaster with him, and I imagine he’d be about half the size of other characters. To balance out the smaller hitboxes, he could be lighter and easier to knock around the ring. (Adorably, of course.)

felyne monster hunter super smash bros

Felyne from Monster Hunter

Monster Hunter is a 3DS and Wii U staple, and since Capcom’s already tossed in Mega Man, the company may was well chuck in a Felyne as well. Give it a nice sword and it could be a surprisingly heavy hitter. Maybe even have some mechanic where it can cobble together a better club if you’re willing to leave yourself open to attack for a minute.

golden sun matthew super smash bros

Matthew from Golden Sun

If Little Mac from Punch Out can make it in, then let’s have someone from Nintendo’s Golden Sun series show up too. Enter Matthew, from Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. That installment left off on a cliffhanger, after all, so we know he’ll be back. He’ll spread Golden Sun awareness. Plus, it’d be interesting to have him utilize Venus Adept (read: Earth) special attacks on the battlefield. He could use his sword for short range attacks, then bring in the djinn for big hits.

ness earthbound super smash bros

Ness from Earthbound

I can’t believe there hasn’t been an Earthbound character confirmed for Super Smash Bros. yet. Let’s rectify that by bringing Ness back. After all, Earthbound did just come to the Wii U Virtual Console last year.

soulcalibur nightmare super smash bros

Nightmare from Soulcalibur

Seeing as how Soulcalibur is one of Namco Bandai’s biggest fighting series, it would only be appropriate for someone to show up from there. Enter Nightmare, the biggest heavy hitter. You need somebody who can deal as much pain as Bowser. Though, if he’s a little too scary for Super Smash Bros. all ages audience, I suppose Siegfried could be put in instead.

professor layton super smash bros

Professor Layton from Professor Layton

I don’t really have a good reason for this inclusion. I just think it’d be hilarious to see the always-dapper Professor Layton beating up the other characters. Especially if his special move started with a close up of his face during an, “I’ve got it!” moment.

nintendog super smash bros

Puppy from Nintendogs

The Puppy from Nintendogs is just as good of a candidate for Super Smash Bros as the Wii Fit Trainer. It’s attacks could be the same kind of tricks and actions a puppy undertakes in real life. It’d be quite cute, plus imagine how humiliating it would be for your opponent if the attack that did him or her in was the puppy pouncing and licking their character. We’ve already seen the French Bulldog confirmed in Wii U screenshots as an Assist Trophy. Wouldn’t it be awesome as an actual, playable character?

rayman legends super smash bros

Rayman from Rayman Legends

Let’s face it, Rayman would fit in perfectly alongside Mario, Kirby, Sonic, and Mega Man. Especially since Rayman Legends was originally tauted as such a major game for the Wii U. He’d be a good standard fighter, and the hovering aspect could make for some great last-minute saves.

spyro skylanders super smash bros

Spyro from Skylanders

Skylanders is huge, so let’s have Nintendo exploit that by adding the most famous of them all, Spyro, to the arena. Who wouldn’t want to play as a fire-breathing, flying dragon? He could be a floater and ranged character, but I’m sure characters like Samus and Pit would have no problem bringing him down to Earth again.

So, who would you like to see in Super Smash Bros. ?

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  • James

    I’m sorry, but those with the exception of Ness and Golden Sun are stupid.

    • Jenni Lada

      You don’t think an Advance Wars character would have potential? Or think that Chibi-Robo could become the Servbot of Smash Bros?

  • Man1cmanMario

    Monster Hunter!! I’d sa y either a Felyne or one of the Shakalaka buddies. Better yet: what if we could have both Cha-cha AND Kayamba, but they played like Nana and Popo a.k.a. the Ice Climbers?