DS and Wii Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection ends May 2014

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nintendo wi-fi connectionBad news is looming on the horizon for DS and Wii owners. The Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection end is nigh. Get out your Mario Kart Wii for some final laps, set up some last Pokemon matches, go on a last Monster Hunter Tri hunt, and maybe arrange one last Super Smash Bros. Brawl tournament for old time’s sake, because ragnarok is set for March 20, 2014. You won’t be playing your games online any more.

The Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection shutdown notice has thus far been announced for both Japan and Australia. Both countries will have their DS and Wii internet access turned off as of May 20. The official confirmation hasn’t come through for North America, Europe, and other regions yet, but safe money says we’ll all be going down together.

The shutdown only affects games. Which means if you own a DS or Wii game that would connect to the internet for fun, then it won’t after May 20. However, there are a lot of things that will keep working. On the DSi, you’ll still have the browser and DSi Shop. On the Wii, you’ll have the Wii Shop Channel, Internet Channel, YouTube, Netflix and Hulu. So the news isn’t all bad. It just basically means that all of the games listed on this Nintendo website will be offline only from now on.

Light a candle, people!

Source [Kotaku]

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