5 Best (Worst) Movie Games

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the fifth element movie gameWe’ve reached an age where bad games aren’t always bad. Sometimes, bad games are just so absolutely terrible that they ascend to a level of goodness. This is especially true with movie games. Sometimes, these cheap and blatant cash-ins surprise us. They probably won’t be good. (That almost never happens.) But, on some fortunate occasions, they end up being so ridiculously weird, cheap, or bad that they become the best worst games ever.

The Fifth Element (PSX, PC)

“But wait, The Fifth Element is a great movie! How can it be on a bad movie game list?” Well, here’s a news flash. Sometimes great movies have horrible video game adaptations. Even when it seems like they’d be a natural fit for a good game, like The Fifth Element, something goes wrong. Basically, developers and publishers go for a cheap cash-in. Which is what happened here. It’s a hack game with nothing really original, and is pretty much set up just to show clips of the movie between horrible missions where Korben Dallas and Leeloo go through intelligence insulting missions. Which makes it the perfect game to torture your friends with, or invent a drinking game for. Honestly, the best thing about the game is the box art, so maybe go ahead and grab a copy for that?

Plan 9 from Outer Space (PC)

plan 9 from outer space movie gameThere’s a video game based on the worst movie ever made? How did we miss this? Oh, right, because it was a old DOS, Amiga, and Atari ST PC game from 1992 and most of us were too young to really appreciate games that were so bad, they were good. It happens. Oddly enough, this game isn’t an attempt to capitalize on the movie’s success by retelling its stories. Instead, it’s a point-and-click adventure game about saving and preserving the original “masterpiece” before Bela Lugosi’s double colorizes it and adds himself to every scene. Oh, the horror!

Space Jam (PSX, Saturn)

space jam movie gameI’m sorry. A Space Jam video game, where you play 3-on-3 basketball with Michael Jordan and 11 Looney Tunes characters against five Monstar aliens with names like Bupkus and Pound is clearly the best thinga round. Stop what you’re doing and look up a copy on Amazon right now.

street fighter the movie movie games

Street Fighter: The Movie (PSX, Saturn)

Street Fighter is good. Some of the Street Fighter animated movies even have their moments. The Street Fighter was so bad, it was good. So naturally, Street Fighter: The Movie, the game, is also so laughably terrible that it manages to be a little slice of wonderful. The actual gameplay is downright atrocious. Seriously, it’s just abysmal. It’s the digitized image capture that makes Street Fighter: The Movie magical. It’s more of a “watch Raul Julia beat up Jean Claude Van Damme” simulator, rather than a fighting game. (And we wouldn’t want it any other way.)

the wizard of oz beyond the yellow brick road movie game

The Wizard of Oz: Beyond the Yellow Brick Road (DS)

I suppose it’s a bit of a stretch to call The Wizard of Oz: Beyond the Yellow Brick Road a movie game, but the original SNES The Wizard of Oz game wasn’t really so bad that it was good. Where as this, a game originally called RIZ-ZOAWD, has more than enough in it to be considered so bad, it’s good. The game’s just plain weird, from its odd presentation that requires you to spin a trackball to move, to the inclusion of various seasonal witches and Dragon Grandfathers. Yes, there’s no typical Wicked Witch of the West here. And Glinda is apparently the mother of the three witches that do appear. Know what? Don’t think about it. Just play it, if you’re ever in need of a trippy trek through Oz.

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