PlayStation Network down for some, PS4 Party Chat error E-82204301 appears

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playstation network down logoIt’s going to be one of those days. Is the PlayStation Network down? It depends. While some PS3 owners have reported minor hiccups, today’s issue mainly hits the PS4 owners where it hurts. If you’re trying to get online and enjoy some of the PS4 exclusive features, you might just be having a bad time right now. San Mateo, we have a problem. (I sure hope you got that joke.)

Though, it really isn’t so much about PlayStation Network down-time. People seem to be able to get online just fine. It’s just that some PS3 and most PS4 online matches aren’t going very well at the moment. Anyone attempting to take part in a game online might encounter some lag, but will most likely have games suddenly disconnect and matches end. That is, if they can connect at all.

This is all coming after the discovery of a brand new PS4 bug that goes by the name E-82204301 error. It’s been coming up whenever people try to start a Party Chat with other players, stopping the party from even getting started. With the two coming on together like this, you have to wonder if there’s some correlation.

Fortunately, Sony has confirmed on Twitter that it is at least aware of the E-82204301 error and is working on a solution. Which could be why the PlayStation Network isn’t as stable as usual. Hopefully, both problems will see a speedy resolution soon. Especially before tomorrow, when Awesomenauts Assemble and Master Reboot come to the PS4 and PS3, respectively. In the meantime, play some single player games. PS4 owners just got Outlast last month. Go play that for a while. That’ll scare you away from your systems until Sony has put out a good solution.

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