Xbox One external hard drive support is coming

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One of the big gripes we all have with modern game consoles is that there’s only so much space on them. True, we could stand to buy fewer games digitally, but that’s not the gamer way. We spend money on sales, we rathole unplayed games like they’re gold, and we build up a pile of shame over time. It’s our God-given right as gamers. Fortunately, Microsoft has gotten with the program with the Xbox One.

Many gamers will look at the headline, see “Xbox One external hard drive support” and think finally is too weak a word: This has been a community request since the beginning. To be fair, the company has had a lot to deal with since the launch of the Xbox One. Although light-years ahead of where the Xbox 360 was in terms of quality control, Microsoft has been struggling with resolution issues. It doesn’t help that they’ve got a lot of consoles to fix: The Xbox One may be second to the PS4, but it’s still outsold the 360’s number in its first few months by a few orders of magnitude.

Fortunately, Microsoft is working towards adding Xbox One external hard drive support. This came straight from Marc Whitten, chief product officer of the Xbox platform, so he’d know. Unfortunately, the one thing Whitten didn’t offer up was a timeframe. While the Xbox One is getting a rather large update next week to grease the wheels for Titanfall and Twitch streaming, this hard drive support sadly won’t be among what we find in it.

That said, at least Microsoft is listening, and we’re glad to know that Xbox One external hard drive support is on the way. After all, we’ve got all these XBLA games that we’ve never played, and we need more room. True, we could actually play them, but who’s got the time? We’re too busy buying games.

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