Adventure Time Card Wars sold out, going back to print

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Adventure Time Card WarsWhen I wrote about Adventure Time Card Wars, I thought it had hit potential. I didn’t know just how much, and neither did Cryptozoic Entertainment. They have sold five times the number of boxes stores pre-ordered, and are going back to print as soon as possible. In a recent blog post, Cryptozoic’s  Kat Metzen explains that there is much more excitement on the way.

Cryptozoic has an expansion on the way to give players even more strategic options. Coming in April, the 107-card set For the Glory allows all new combinations for the original decks in Adventure Time: Card Wars: Finn vs. Jake. It will be a booster set sold in packs of 9 including 6 common, 2 uncommon and a single rare. A running theme of the set will be mixed landscape decks, including cards that take advantage of your opponent’s landscapes.

For the Glory will also include Nicelands cards, a sneak peek of a new landscape coming in future sets. The set will contain 24 rare cards in all, so the purchase of a 24 pack booster box gives you a good chance of getting them all. Hey, that’s what Cryptozoic Entertainment said. Don’t shoot the messenger if you don’t get the one card you need for Lady Rainicorn’s deck.

Adventure Time: Card Wars is the same game you’ve seen Finn and Jake playing on TV. Mystical creatures battle each other at your command, dealing damage to your opponent’s health.  Once this happens, the winning player is declared “The Cool Guy.” Some of the creatures have a special FLOOP ability that can affect the game.

Developer Kung Fu Factory makes a digital version for iOS devices. The physical version gives codes that unlock digital goodies, so hardcore fans have an incentive to purchase both. So far, that looks like a winning strategy. Players are going to be flooping that pig for a long time to come.

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