NIB Ouyas are $49.99 at Goodwill

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If you were always mildly interested in the Ouya but weren’t quite sure about that price, then you need to go to Goodwill. Paying $99.99 for one is so last year. $49.99 is a much better price instead, and that’s exactly what you might get if you head to the resale store.

Last night, at the Goodwill in Palatine, IL, I discovered one $49.99 Ouya. Upon querying an employee, I learned it was formerly from a Target. As many know, Target merchandise like clothes, home goods, electronics, toys, and games have a habit of appearing at Goodwill stores. I was allowed to take the box to the counter and open it up, as I was curious if it was a brand new item or not. The box was factory sealed, the system and controller had their protective coverings, and all wires were in their original packaging.

Upon sharing the news with my other, Goodwill scavenging friends, I learned that the Goodwill in Hoffman Estates, IL had also recently had Ouyas. Unfortunately, it looks like these Ouya Goodwill finds are limited to in-store surprises. I glanced at and there aren’t any available there. So, if you want a cheap Ouya, you’ll have to either call or make a trek to your local store. I can’t guarantee it’ll be $49.99, since each store does tend to price their merchandise differently, but it’ll be a lot cheaper than $99.99.

Just remember, you aren’t just paying $49.99 for that Ouya. You have to attach either a credit card or one of those Ouya digital codes for credit when you’re making your account. Since nobody likes to just put their credit info in anywhere, I recommend grabbing a $5 Digital Ouya Token from Amazon if you hunt one of these cheap Android consoles down and take a chance on it.

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  • brianunfried

    I bought two OUYAs at my local Goodwill for $25 each, one brand new and one used. I’ve even heard of people finding them as low as $20 at Goodwill.