PlayStation Store update gets delayed to Wednesday

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PlayStoreYou may have noticed there wasn’t a PlayStation Store update on Tuesday. Sony apparently had issues deploying the update in time. On Tuesday morning, the PlayStation Twitter account said the update would be arriving a few hours later than normal. Hours later, the North American update was delayed until today. There’s no more specific time window for when the update will hit.

Some of the titles that were supposed to be released digitally yesterday include Towerfall: Ascension and Dark Souls II. PlayStation Plus members were also going to get Lone Survivor: Director’s Cut for free.

Tuesday was a weird day for online services. Twitter went down for a moment during the afternoon and many Xbox One owners couldn’t sign in for hours. Microsoft resolved that issue yesterday evening.

We’ll let you know when the PlayStation Store update finally arrives. Hopefully it won’t be delayed for too much longer.

Source [PlayStation Twitter]

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  • David

    Dark souls 2 had a midnight release on the psn store so it is actually available to download now. Great game! :-)