Google’s gaming future gets more interesting

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green-throttle-games11Android-based gaming consoles got a lot of attention in 2013, but it none were every really successful. Ouya appears to be on the ropes, nobody is talking about the GameStick and NVIDIA’s Shield most useful when it’s paired with a PC. One platform that you may not have heard much about was created by Green Throttle Games. Green Throttle Games created the Atlas controller which paired with a special app Android app to provide Android gaming with physical controls. Green Throttle eventually pulled the app from Google Play and the Amazon App Store, but the potential behind the defunct platform still survives. Pando Daily reports Google acquired key staff members from Green Throttle Games including two of its co-founders.

It’s still a mystery why Google would be interested in the remnants of Green Throttle Games, but speculation suggest Google may be planning to release a set-top box similar to Roku and Apple TV. Amazon is also supposedly working on a similar device. Google could also use the talents of the former Green Throttle Games staff to bring new features to the Chromecast.

The Chromecast is a very popular $35 dongle that plugs directly into televisions. Its functionality had been quite limited until Google released the Chromecast SDK to developers in February.

Source [Pando Daily]

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